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[WEBINAR] Establishing a Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing Strategy

Ross Hoier, Head of Digital at McGrath Estate Agents joined us for a webinar where he shared his experience, insights, learnings and views on guiding businesses through digital transformation. With a lens on the steps necessary to define a digital strategy and where digital should sit within an organisation he provides a window into MarTech, Digital Marketing, Leadership & more.   

Ross is an accomplished, high performance and passionate Digital Strategy, Marketing & CX Leader with over 14 years of experience working across the Entertainment/Leisure, Online Media, Real Estate and Telecommunications industries. He is committed to delivering bottom-line business results by leveraging the power of digital transformation as well as online and mobile channels.

Ross was due to speak at the Sydney Digital Transformation Conference but due to the COVID-19 situation all presentations were switched to webinars. A great presentation on how to establish a digital transformation strategy.

There are certainly essential steps involved in establishing any successful digital transformation strategy and to be able to implement against it. These must be understood to lay a foundation and enable a path to follow. That said, certain steps are never linear – adaptability, persistence and resilience is a must. Change is the only constant. Where digital ‘sits’ within your organisation is crucial in my experience to allow a faster pace of change, however it does depend on the business and industry, either way you need to be the glue and change agents. Back yourself, back your experience and don’t be afraid to embrace the ambiguity.   

Ross Hoier, Head of Digital, McGrath Estate Agents
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