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[WEBINAR] The Market Based Approach to Digital Transformation

In this webinar we are joined by Claudia Schwenk, Digital Lead of Personal Health at Philips in Sydney.

Claudia is a firm believer in the market based approach, where digital transformation is more about taking people on a journey. In this webinar Claudia offers examples of how you can empower teams around you and how improving their knowledge and taking yourself out of the equation will enable you to transform all corners of your business.

Claudia was due to speak at the Sydney Digital Transformation Conference but due to the COVID-19 situation all presentations were switched to webinars.

We talk a lot about Digital Transformation and how we want to embed it in our companies, and what tools and data and approaches we use. But what Digital transformation really is about is taking people on a journey – and not everyone likes an adventure!

Claudia Schwenk, Digital Lead, Personal Health ANZ, Philips
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