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[WATCH] Digital Transformation Cannot Happen Without Behavioural Change: Speaker Snapshots for The Online Digital Transformation Conference, Daggerwing Group

Andy Rugeroni & Alan Kittle are Principals at Daggerwing Group – a global change consultancy that is a Top 10 rated global leader in communications and change management consulting. They focus on the people side of change management – because companies don’t change, people do. They are known for working shoulder to shoulder with their clients through ever step and deliver a strategy that is fully executed, standing up to the realities their clients face.

Throughout 2020 there has been more pressure than ever for businesses and employees to transform and adapt digital ways of working and tools. During their presentation on September 16th, they will highlight why so many transformations fail to reach business expectations and explore how to create success through behaviour change by adopting people centric approaches. Diving deeper into common biases which can impede emotional progress, how leaders effect the success of new programs with their own style and contribution. As well as how culture can impact your journey, creating headwinds or tailwinds.

The Daggerwing Group has over 20 years’ experience in managing change for organisations, join us at The Online Digital Transformation Conference on Wednesday 16th September to hear more about Andy & Alan’s knowledge, expertise and experiences.

Watch the video below to find out more on the Daggerwing talk.

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