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[WATCH] Speaker Snapshot for The Digital Transformation Conference: Peter Mann, Digital Strategy Lead, Xerox

Peter Mann is the Digital Strategy Lead at Xerox. He will be speaking as part of our Online Digital Transformation Conference on September 16th & 17th. He is asking the question of how we are going to thrive in the hybrid world of remote & office based work through his presentation From Covid & Beyond: Delivering An Anywhere Workplace

To deliver a great customer experience requires a great employee experience, as companies we need to give our workforce the correct tools to remain productive, collaborative and able to enjoy work. We realise that offering an office environment will improve how services are delivered and have a positive impact on employee satisfaction in most cases.

Xerox has a wealth of industry agnostic data across various workspaces in Europe, Peter will explore the reaction & recovery stages of the pandemic and look ahead to the ideas & strategies in place for the rebuild; discussing how organisations can use circumstance to evolve their workplace & provide a more harmonious and effective working environment.

Watch the video below to find out more on Peter’s talk.

Peter Mann

Digital Strategy Lead, Xerox

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