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[ARTICLE] The European Digital Transformation Conference … online!

Sam Button, Head of Growth, Roar Media

The 3rd of our global Digital Transformation Online series takes place this week on Wednesday & Thursday. Throughout the series our expert speakers have covered key topics including the importance of digital workplace strategy and maintaining remote workers productivity, security, communication & access amongst pandemic response and transformation within a crisis.

Given the increasing stresses on companies it is more important than ever to have a strong employee experience which matches the demands of evolving customer needs. The global pandemic has seen a dramatic rise in both remote working and digital access requirements for customers. From the recent events it is increasingly relevant that enhancements within employee experience exponentially improves customer experience. This will be further explored within the event next week in addition to digital culture assisting transformation, shifting to a digital mindset & how digital capabilities are moving forward at pace due to foundations made before the pandemic & the immediate need for technological tools & services both internally & customer facing.

The opening keynote starts at 09:30 CEST on Wednesday 7th October with Bonnie Cheuk, Senior Business & Digital Transformation Leader at AstraZeneca who will discuss how they have built and continue to build & reiterate their digital capabilities. Internally assessing the systems & applications required for employees to perform their tasks with greater efficiently & accuracy, helps the workforce become more invested within digital innovation being an enabler for greater employee experience.

Hartmut Hahn, CEO of Userlane will also share his thoughts on gaining employees trust in order to go from resistance to adoption. A major factor in all digital transformation projects is the human element with ease of adoption being a large hurdle, introducing new technology isn’t always met with anticipation. Hartmut explores the potential barriers preventing employees from accepting innovation and techniques which can be used to turn these workers into promoters who drive transformation within their teams.

At 10:35 we will be joined by Jyoti Sharma, EY who will be exploring the new ways of working brought about by the pandemic. Jyoti previously joined us at our Tech For Britain Conference in 2018, to discuss disruptions facing the enterprise & the challenges/opportunities these lead to. Having been a senior leader at EY for the past 4 & a half years, Jyoti is a passionate and high energy leader. She will be sharing her insights into how they have maintained a highly productive, happy workforce throughout the pandemic.

Whilst overall digital strategy is a loop of continuous improvement, it is important for digital transformations to be a series of individual projects with achievable goals to show progress and enhance buy-in whilst establishing promoters from within the workforce. Byron Flores, Global Head of Digital Finance, Data & Tools at Novartis takes us through the questions to ask before embarking on any technology transformation.

Microsoft then host the 2nd in their series of conversations about unleashing the best within your workforce in the digital age. Janka Koen, Senior Human Experience Designer & Sonal Patil, Principal Program Engineer will discuss how they are nurturing their remote global teams through various digital leadership techniques.

Nick King, Insight Director at Autotrader will close the morning sessions with a presentation on the Impact of Covid-19 & planning for the future. Discussing the range of adaptations necessary at Autotrader, how they maintained customer experience & employee experience throughout a distanced working environment. Then most importantly, how they are aligning their strategy to enhance their internal & client facing digital capabilities.

We will then have our final session of day 1 with an hour long panel session hosting 4 senior executives discussing their companies response to the pandemic and how this has accelerated digital transformation.

Day 2 commences at 09:20 CEST with a live interview with Mercedes Vidal Lobato, Former Global Digital Director at Clarks & Head of Business Innovation at Ikea. She will be sharing stories of innovation & digital strategy from her experience at both companies.

Ric Van Westhreenen, Digital Workplace Product Owner at T-Mobile will return to the European Conference for the 2nd time to give insights and ideas into how to define a future workspace strategy. Then we have a presentation & fireside chat both around responding positively to the pandemic with an accelerated digital transformation & increase adoption of technologies with Danilo Pagano, Vice President of Digital & Customer Engagement at Lundbeck

We have limited free passes remaining for the online conference next week, be sure to secure yours to watch all these great presentations, interviews and panel sessions. You can view the full agenda below and register for the event online here.

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