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[WATCH] Speaker Snapshot with Heidi Araya, Adaptavist: Presenting as part of the UK & European edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference

Heidi Araya, Innovation Product Manager from Adaptavist joins the UK/European edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference taking place Thursday 4th March welcoming digital business executives from BT, Legal & General, Imperial War Museums, the UK Government & more.

Agile is a mindset generally accepted by all organisations, however the principles of agile have been around for years and we need to explore how to use a pragmatic combination of the four facets of agility for continued and lasting innovations. This session from Adaptavist will cover complexity thinking, a key to todays changing world with complex systems and multiple feedback loops. People & leadership are another element vital to success, conventional ways of thinking won’t help us succeed in today’s world, we need to address this and have empathy with how we interact and how to improve employee engagement. Technical & cultural practices need to be monitored for high performing teams to exist & collaborate effectively. The final facet is tooling & automation, these are monitored by flow metrics to ensure all decisions are data driven.

Watch the snapshot here! You can register for the event for free here.

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