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[ARTICLE] OnDemand for the UK & European edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference with BT, NatWest, Imperial War Museums & more!

Chris Towers, Head of Events, Roar Media

The UK & European edition of the online Digital Transformation Conference series returned for a one day session in which we welcomed some fascinating talks, interviews and deep dive panel session with some fantastic names. We had four brilliant sponsors that supported the event with Adaptavist, Tasktop, Unlock:OKR and Conga all presenting alongside BT, NatWest, Imperial War Museums, Hotelbeds, the UK Government, Together Finance and Legal & General.

Here you can take a look at some of the content from the day and watch back some highlights. Our global online series returns for the UK & European edition on May 20th, you can register for free here. Contact us on for all event enquiries.

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Enjoy the best bits from the day below!

Tariq Maonah, Digital Product Lead, Legal & General Fireside Chat: Digital Transformation Strategy

Tariq Maonah, Digital Product Lead at Legal & General joined the online Digital Transformation Conference, UK & European edition to discuss many facets of enterprise transformation with Chris Towers, Head of Events at Roar media. Tariq is business expert when it comes down to agile transformation and strategising within digital development. In this interview Tariq answered questions on future proofing transformation strategy, leading digital change management, failure rates, and business beyond the pandemic. The chat was brimming with insights and ideas for all those working in any level of transformation and overall strategy.

Revenue Operations Transformation: How to Overcome Departmental Silos, Conflicting Priorities

Aishling Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer for Conga presented on ‘Revenue Operations Transformation – How to Overcome Departmental Silos, Conflicting Priorities & Other Barriers to Maximize Your Revenue Yield’ for a keynote presentation at the European & UK online Digital Transformation Conference. Revenue operations have been significantly improved by the rise in digital technology but how do we maximise successful transformations of revenue ops, overcome departmental silos, conflicting priorities and other barriers to maximise return on revenue yield. Conga’s solutions drive transformations, no matter where you are in your journey from getting started, through scaling and optimisation/expansion. Leaning on the experience they have supporting customers through their innovation journeys to provide insights into the optimal pathways to data driven revenue operation enhancement.

Building a World Class Product Team with Head of Digital Product Liam Dyson from BT

Liam Dyson, Head of Digital Product from BT presented and joined a Q&A session at Roar Media’s online European & UK Digital Transformation Conference. In the presentation Liam offered tips and insights into building world class digital product teams looking at the cultural elements of enterprise transformation to instilling a culture of innovation from within. Liam is responsible for 25+ product squads focusing on delivering the best digital experiences for BT & EE customers.

TechTravel: A Technology Journey in the Travel Industry with Simon Matthews, Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds Chief Product & Technology Officer Simon Matthews presented a the European & UK edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference. Within the presentation Simon took us on a journey on their road to digital transformation, the challenges that they have faced and the successes gained throughout that transformation journey. You’ll learn the common challenges in any roadmap and overcoming those in difficult times.

The OKR Framework Used by Netflix, Amazon, Google & more! UnlockOKR Explain Enterprise Best Practice

Sriraj Mallick, Chief Executive Officer from InfoPro Learning presented at the UK & European edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference on how to leverage the four superpowers of OKRs to transform your organisations operating system to focus on outcomes, instead of output. Whether you’ve never heard of OKRs, or you are an OKR guru, this session was packed with helpful information that you can take back to your organisation to start utilising instantly.

Prove your Transformation ROI with Value Stream Management

“2020 elevated IT into the spotlight, opening up a window of unprecedented support for accelerating digital innovation and emerging technologies. But even with increased buy-in for investment and adoption, will anything be different this year?”

Paninya Masrangsan, Senior Flow Advisor, Tasktop
Paninya Masrangsan, Senior Flow Advisor, Tasktop

Building Innovation Labs & the Innovation Journey within DWP, UK Government

Maxine Paintain, Lead Product Manager from the Department for Work & Pensions within the UK Government presented at the UK edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference. In the presentation and Q&A session Maxine share more on how they went about building their innovation labs and the success they have had from doing such. Maxine took us on the innovation journey that has taken place within the DWP and the creativity from within looking at technology, people and culture in addition.

The 4 Facets of Agility in Business with Heidi Araya from Adaptavist

Agile is a mindset generally accepted by all organisations, however the principles of agile have been around for years and we need to explore how to use a pragmatic combination of the four facets of agility for continued and lasting innovations. This session from Adaptavist will cover complexity thinking, a key to todays changing world with complex systems and multiple feedback loops. People & leadership are another element vital to success, conventional ways of thinking won’t help us succeed in today’s world, we need to address this and have empathy with how we interact and how to improve employee engagement. Technical & cultural practices need to be monitored for high performing teams to exist & collaborate effectively. The final facet is tooling & automation, these are monitored by flow metrics to ensure all decisions are data driven.

Digital Transformation Strategy in 2021 Panel Session with NatWest, Together & Imperial War Museums

Joining the panel was moderator Chris Towers, Founder at Roar Media with Jia-Yan Gu, Principal Engineer at NatWest, Matt Mawdesley, Head of Innovation at Together and Nick Hodder, Director of Digital Transformation for the Imperial War Museums.

We hope you enjoyed! Please contact us on for any enquiries. Follow us on LinkedIn for further event announcements and updates!

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