Bespoke Events: How do they work?

The events landscape has changed over the course of the pandemic and organisations have struggled to maximise ROI within the online events ecosystem. We’ve worked with major clients including Google to deliver fully customisable online conferences and events that feature brilliant speakers and content whilst targeting key accounts and decision makers within the online audience.

Fully customisable

You’re in full control of the type of content and information you want delivered at the online event. We will align content and create an agenda that fits within your business offering, whether that’s the solution or service that you offer.

Our use case here is that Google wanted to increase their presence and create new lead generation for their Chrome Enterprise team across the UK & Europe. We then worked with them to identify the types of talks and panel discussions they wanted as part of the event and then used our vast network to bring in enterprise speakers to compliment their talks as part of the event, all falling within their product offering. In this case Chrome Enterprise wanted to further enhance their contacts within end user computing, digital workplace and general IT decision makers from across central Europe. We then delivered our own ideas on content and who we thought would make good speakers on the content they wanted to discuss; speakers included IKEA Group, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Electrolux and more who we worked with to deliver presentations that were relevant and that would ultimately attract the type of people Chrome Enterprise would like to prospect as potential clients.

Identifying new business leads

As part of the process you indicate to us your ideal clients; industry sector, size of business, geography, job title – we then come up with a strategy to help deliver you those clients through the power of online events. We work with you to build an agenda or programme that attracts the level of potential client you’re hoping for and then market to those individuals or businesses. We go about building and delivering a fine tuned event that will bring a network closer to you, allow you to present your ideas to them within the conference through presentations, interviews and demos and then deliver you the leads once the event has wrapped. This works so well as you are always fully aligned by external speakers toy our business that compliment the solutions you have in place. Putting your brand or service next to leading enterprise organisations and speakers representing such, allowing you to sell less aggressively and position yourself within a thought leadership role.

Project management

You will have a dedicated account director to guide you through the process. We set up everything from the website, the delegate management process, the online infrastructure to host the event, full speaker management, marketing and on the day hosting to ensure a smooth delivery of the event. We will work closely with you and create an agenda featuring speakers you ultimately decide on and topics that sit alongside and compliment your product offering. Your account director will give you a timeline with full view of each stage of the event and with weekly calls up date you with everything that is going on. Typically the process looks like the following;

  • Key target accounts identified, ideal demographic for the event confirmed
  • Event content identified for presentations, fireside chats & panel discussions on line with key accounts
  • Roar Media create all online event infrastructure – website etc
  • Roar Media shortlist ideal speakers and panellists for the event, client shares further vision and confirms
  • Roar Media confirm speakers and build agenda for the event, liaising with speakers to confirm topics
  • Client confirm their speakers for the event
  • Marketing campaign begins targeting client accounts and demographic
  • Roar Media complete all final event preparation and complete event logistics
  • Roar Media deliver the event and host the online event ensuring everything runs to plan
  • Client receive leads from the event
  • Client receives all the presentation materials edited from the event
  • Debrief
An example website that we created for Google for their bespoke event.

The event agenda

Here you can find an example agenda that we delivered for Google as part of their event that we created and managed The Digital Workforce Innovation Conference that took place in September 2020. Due to the success of this event we are continuing to work with Google to deliver a European Digital Transformation Conference in January 2021, you can see details of the event here.

Typically an agenda will be structured as follows;

  • Opening Keynote Presentation 20 – 40 mins (the client)
  • Keynote Presentation or Fireside Chat (Roar Media organised speaker from enterprise)
  • Fireside Chat 20 – 30 mins (the client)
  • Presentation (Roar Media organised speaker from enterprise)

Networking Break within the event platform

  • Panel Session 40 – 60 mins (client led with Roar Media organised participants from enterprise x4)
  • Demo Session 20 – 30 mins (the client)
  • Fireside Chat (Roar Media organised speaker from enterprise)

Event Summary & Close

It would be our responsibility to work with you to identify the speakers that are attractive to you, we would then build those within the agenda recruiting and organising 3+ speakers/interviewees from enterprise and a further 3-4 for the panel session that would be moderated by someone within your organisation.

The event

Here you can find an example of the Google event that we produced and delivered for them

Also some of the presentations & panel sessions that were created with Google

In summary

Let us help you to deliver a bespoke event that aligns your business with some of the brightest business leaders and practitioners in digital business and in turn generate and deliver leads with the decision makers your sales team need to be in contact with.

Talk to Sam Button today to discuss your needs and ROI for a bespoke event in 2021.

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