Joining the Conference Instructions

You will be sent out an email from BigMarker, our online conference platform, to join the event as a presenter. Before joining you can do a ‘System Check’ here, this will make sure everything is working on your side (test cam & mic etc, quite important!).

Please join the event at the start of your presentation, timing instructed by Sam or Chris, by clicking the link in the email then join by Computer Audio.  Please don’t use the link in the invitation until your presentation time, if you enter and cam/mic is on this will immediately go live to the live stream and you’ll be on air!

If you haven’t received the automated link from BigMarker please let us know.

Please join by Computer Audio (as outline below)

By default your microphone and video should be off. Please double check Off is displayed under both options (as seen below) before entering the conference through the blue Continue To Webinar button in the top right (as seen below).

It’s very important than on entering the webcam and microphone is set to off otherwise you will appear in the stream ahead of time.

Once in the event platform you will be able to view the recording of your presentation playing (if you have a presentation broadcasting) and you will have chat functions with the event host (Chris Towers). If you have any questions, please feel free to message via this function.

You will need to wait in this room until the end of your presentation when you will be able to turn on your microphone and camera for the live Q&A by clicking the icons at the top of the screen (circled below). Chris will mention when to do this live on air.

If you’re just joining for a live Q&A (fireside chat/live interview) or as a panellist please ignore the above with regards to presentation. As a interviewee or panellist you should arrive in the room 5/10 mins before the scheduled time and wait for the previous session to conclude 😊

Please don’t take control of the presentation or video as you will see these, as a presenter you have the ability to override the presentation but it’s very important to leave all controls to us!

Click both the Microphone and camera icon.

Once the Q&A is over, please exit the window and you will be removed from the live session.

Other important information

Please make sure you are not watching the live YouTube stream in another window as there is a slight delay which will cause an echo. You can view your presentation through the event platform from presenter mode.

You will need a relatively good internet connection to join live (recommended 5mbps upload speed), if your internet connection lags for any reason please just join by microphone as the camera will slow everything down for you.

We will be recording the presentation as well as live streaming and sharing beyond the event, please let us know if you’d like us not to do so.

If for any reason you might be delayed please let Chris know as soon as you can on

We really appreciate you taking the time out to join the event, so thank you for your time and efforts.