Sponsorship & Exhibitor Information

Welcome to the official sponsorship & exhibitor guide for the Digital Transformation Conference that you’re a part of on May 11th, 2023 at the ILEC Conference Centre. We look forward to welcoming all our event partners. This is a guide that includes all the information ahead of your arrival with us, the page is updated as and when additional information is confirmed and added, so please check back for any important updates.

For all our sponsors that are speaking as part of their package please liaise directly with Chris Towers on speaker information and if you have any questions at all regarding the speaking element of your package.

Exhibitor Floor Plan

Below is the exhibitor floor plan for the conference, subject to change.

Set up time is currently available on May 10th from 7pm – 10pmor available on the morning of the event May 11th from 7am – 8am (ready for delegate arrival time of 8.15am, all booths must be ready for 8am).

All booths are provided with as standard a trestle table, two chairs, power strip. Typically exhibitors will bring backdrops, pop up banner displays, roller banners, frame type displays or similar – branded table cloths are also typical for prominent brand positioning. Some exhibitors will do prize draws or have small giveaways as part of their booth to drive traffic.

The floor plan is designed to give all our exhibitors as much natural foot fall as possible, with food & beverage stations located to bring people further in and around the perimeter where exhibitor stands are located.

Venue Address

ILEC Conference Centre
47 Lillie Road

Event taking place within the London Conference Hall.


Deliveries can be made to the venue with any exhibitor materials on May 10th. Delivery information is available below.

If you’re organising a courier to pick up your materials upon event concluding please arrange for this to be done between 17.45 and 18.00.

The Agenda

The full agenda, subject to change, can be viewed on the event website here. All networking breaks will take place within the exhibitor floor. The biggest foot fall will be within the morning registration and light breakfast period, the morning and afternoon coffee breaks, lunch and the concluding networking drinks. This will be the optimum time to speak with delegates and recommend booths are staffed during these periods, booth staff are welcome to sit in sessions and recommended to as to understand the discussions of the day in which can be translated to networking discussion during those breaks.

TV / Monitor Ordering

Please use the following information to order screens for your booth. We recommend doing this as soon as possible to secure a booking. This is a third party AV supplier so all ordering is done through JT Production Services as below.

Registering your Contracted Staff Passes

You should have now received these via email. Please contact us if not.

Delegate List

You will receive this by midday on May 12th following the event concluding with the following information: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Organisation, Email Address, Company Address – this is not to be shared with any third party and exclusive for your use as the sponsor, an unsubscribe option must be available for any mass mailing following the event to comply with GDPR.

The Event App

Once you’ve registered your staff passes they will automatically be added as users to the event app (within 24h of pass registration Mon-Fri). Within the app you can take a look at the live agenda, message delegates, arrange meetings, take notes and much more. Please use the messaging function respectfully as delegates will easily be put off with a bombardment of messages/meeting requests. We always recommend to give reason and logic for reaching out rather than blind message requests/meeting requests, this will result in better natural footfall to your booth on the day as well.

Social Media

The official event hashtag for the event across LinkedIn and Twitter is #DIGTRA.

The official event handle on Twitter is @Roar_Digital – we will interact with any tweets that are tagged with this for the event and recommend promoting your own presence here, our social channels will also do the same.

Our LinkedIn page can be found here.

Additional Information

Any additional information will be added to this page that is needed week by week, you can contact Chris Towers if you have any specific questions or needs regarding the event.

Our event code of conduct is available here.