Our Online Events: How Does Presenting Work?

Welcome to the Roar Media speaker information page and thank you for showing an interest in speaking at one of our online conferences. This page is a short guide on how the events work and the process involved for speaking. Should you have any questions at all please let your contact know.

Why have I been approached?

You’ll have been invited to speak at the event as your role and experience will fit the agenda topics for the particular event, we like to invite those working in enterprise organisations that are at all different stages of transformation and innovation creating a diverse and wide-spanning agenda that features content from all corners of digital business transformation, strategy and innovation.

What is required?

There are three deliveries that we build into our events; presentations, interviews and panel discussions. Each delivery is explained here:


For presentations as part of the events what we look for is a 20 minute presentation with a topic that falls under your remit and experience as part of the event overall topic. The Event Director that has invited you to speak will often suggest topics based on the reasons they have reached out but also will be open to every suggestion you have if there is an area that you have recently worked on or a case study that would fit well.

Presentations for our online events are usually pre-recorded the week prior to the event taking place, this is done through our event platform BigMarker and the Roar Media Event Director will set a time up that works for your diary and set up a ‘recording room’ within the event platform, on the chosen date and time you’ll both follow the link to access the room, the Event Director will be on hand to explain then how the recording works but you’ll need to either share your screen for the presentation or upload a PDF version of the slide deck. Once everything is in place the Event Director will then go about the recording.

Once the recording is complete the Event Director will let you know the broadcast time on the actual event date and then if you are available we would look for you to come in on the day to do a live Q&A session once the presentation has been broadcast.

Some examples of presentations:

The Challenges of Digital Transformation with Dr. Henna Karna, Former CDO at AXA

How Covid Accelerated Digital & Product Mindsets with Tariq Maonah, Digtial Product Lead, Legal & General


An interview requires less preparation than a presentation whilst still offering great content. In this session type we would put some questions together based on your role and experience and look to put questions to you for a discussion that would typically last between 15 and 25 minutes. This session is usually done live as part of the online conference where you’ll be given an event platform link to access on the day and the Roar Media Event Director who will be moderating the day would conduct the ‘fireside chat’ or ‘live interview’. We would pre-agree questions so you could prepare accordingly and to ensure that you’re happy with everything covered. We would run a quick tech test that would take 5 – 10 mins in the run up to the event and can also cover any questions within that that you might have before the live interview. We can pre-record the interview if you would be more comfortable but the live aspect allows audience participation as well!

Some examples of interviews:

Digital Transformation & Innovation with Mercedes Vidal Lobato, Former Head of Business Innovation, IKEA

New Ways of Working & The Future of Work with Jyoti Sharma, Digital Leader, EY

Panel Discussions

Much like an interview but usually hosted with another 2 or 3 guests who all offer their opinion and answers to some more general type questions around the topic area, panel sessions take place live and you’ll receive an event platform link to access on the day, you’ll also need to do a quick tech test taking 5-10 mins in the run up to the event, the Event Director will schedule with you as fits best with you. The questions will be sent to you around a week before the event so you can prepare your answers and thinking. All panel information will also be provided for you.

Some examples of panel sessions:

The Future of Transformation with US Navy, City of Boston and Pearson

The Remote Working Panel with Google, Legal & General, Citizens Advice and Electrolux

What else do you need?

We would just need a head shot from yourself, LinkedIn profile pictures work, and a short bio. These are for use on the website where we list your name, job title and organisation alongside your picture. We will also use these to promote your participation on our social media channels, largely on Twitter and LinkedIn.

We also like to do Speaker Snapshots & Spotlights in the run up to the event so if you’re available to do so it’s great to have a very short video (around 1 min) with what you’ll be discussing at the event, consider it a teaser for the audience. We will then publish this on Beyond Business Buzzwords (this site) and share across socials, increasing your profile and interest in the presentation. Example here.

What we can offer you

Once the event has wrapped we will publish your presentation, interview or panel session on our YouTube channel and within this website (examples above), we will then continue to promote your content through our social channels as well as our newsletters and email marketing, increasing your profile and reach with like-minded peers and organisations. We will do a ‘write up’ on the content and you can distribute this as you please as well as raw footage and edited footage that you can use as you wish.

Thank you

We really appreciate you taking the time to visit this page and understand what’s involved in the speaker process and presenting through either a presentation, interview or panel discussion.

If you have any questions at all about the event the Event Director who sent this link alongside the invite will happily go through things with you either on email or a phone call.

We would love for you to be a part of the event!