Our Online Events: Next Steps

Many thanks for confirming your participation with our online event and welcome to the line up, we are thrilled that you’re able to join us.

This page outlines the next steps in order to get everything set up, the approach does differ depending on whether you are doing a presentation, having an interview or joining a panel session; these are outlined below. But first…

Sending Materials

First things we will need upon confirming for the event is your head shot and a short bio (around 100 words). If you have these on LinkedIn we can take them from that, but the original version(s) are best if you have them! If you could please email those over to your contact. These will be used for the website and our event promotions on our social channels, email marketing and newsletters.

If you are doing a presentation…

For those doing a live interview or panel discussion skip down the page!

For those presenting with us we would prefer it if you could pre-record the presentation with us on our event platform BigMarker. The Event Director will work out a time with you, usually in the week before or a two week window preceding the event. Once you’ve found a time to do the pre-record we will send out a BigMarker event link where you can access the recording room. The Event Director will meet you within this room and get you set up before recording, for this you will need to share screen or upload your slides in a PDF version (screen share is better for any presentations with animations, upload is best for a slide deck that just moves from one slide to another). You should do a BigMarker System Check before this recording to ensure your system works okay with the platform, you can do the system check here.

The presentation time should be 20-25 mins in length, closer to 20 is better and deemed more ‘engagement friendly’. Slides with less text often work better, using images, quotes and shorter sentences as a visual aid to your narrative.

As part of the presentation we usually welcome you in for a live Q&A on the actual event date, this is live with the online audience where a discussion will take place with the online moderator, usually the Event Director you have been working with. This will last for 10-15 mins. A separate BigMarker event link will be sent for this so you can access on the day where you’ll come in live. Full joining instructions will be sent in the days after your recording has happened.

You can contact your Event Director if you have any questions at all! Examples of presentations can be viewed throughout this website.

Please now scroll past the live interview/fireside chat and panel discussion details to the Participation Promotion section.

If you are doing a live interview or fireside chat…

For those joining on an interview for the event these are often run live on the day of the event, allowing for online audience participation and Q&A from the attending delegates as well as the pre-agreed questions. Questions for this session will be organised with your Event Director and agreed around a week or two before the event, the Event Director will send the suggested content and you can approve, remove and add if you wish. The content typically will be about your own experiences and perspectives on the topic of the event.

Prior to the live event we would request that you do a tech test with the Event Director to ensure that the platform works okay with your system and you are familiar with the event platform (BigMarker) beforehand. You should also perform a system check here beforehand. The Event Director will schedule in 5-10 mins to do a quick live test usually the week before the event takes place, this is also a good time to ask any last questions you might have with the organiser beforehand.

The live session on the day is usually scheduled for around 25 minutes but this will be agreed with the Event Director beforehand.

You can contact your Event Director if you have any questions at all! Examples of interviews can be viewed throughout this website.

Please now scroll past the panel discussion details to the Participation Promotion section

If you are doing a panel discussion

For those joining panel discussions as part of the event, this will be a live element that will take place with either two or three more panellists plus the moderator, which is usually the Event Director that you are discussing the event with. Panel discussions typically last between 45 mins and 1 hour depending on the number of panellists and where in the event the session is scheduled, this will be confirmed with you by the Event Director.

Questions will be sent to you in the two week window preceding the event as well as other panellist information, this will allow you to prepare for the questions within the panel, they are usually much more open ended questions allowing you to offer your opinion on a wide variety of relevant topics within that session.

The Event Director will confirm the live times for you and also look to schedule you in for a quick tech test on the event platform, this will take around 5-10 mins of your time in the week leading up to the event, you should also do a quick tech test beforehand to ensure your system works okay.

You can contact your Event Director if you have any questions at all! Examples of panel sessions can be viewed throughout this website.

Participation Promotion

If you have any social channels you use professionally please share these with us as we will tag you within our event promotions across Twitter and LinkedIn as well as email marketing and our newsletters.

We also do Speaker Snapshots & Spotlights which are short videos in the lead up to the event, around a minute in length, that we look to have our speakers record. This is usually an intro into who you are and a short ‘teaser’ on what your presentation or interview will entail. We will then share these in the mediums listed above. An example here.

If you have recently written any articles or posts on LinkedIn that you’d like us to promote through this website then we would be more than happy to do so, just send over!


Your Event Director will work with you to confirm all timings and be your point of contact in arranging all the ‘online logistics’. If you have any questions at all your Event Director will also be on hand to answer on email, phone or Slack.

Thank you again for your participation, we very much appreciate your involvement!

The Roar Media Online Events Team