Speaking at a Roar Media event


The Digital Transformation Conference Series, now in its fifth year of operation, has traditionally taken place in a live format across the globe. Due to the ongoing pandemic the event series has shifted to take place in an online environment offering the same level of content delivery over two days. The first online event took place in June where we welcomed over 20 speakers discussing the many facets of digital transformation, strategy & innovation including COVID19 response like product pivots, future proofing, remote work, digital tools and revised strategies. The event had 1500 virtual delegates eager to hear insights and be inspired by those working in and around digital business transformation.

Some examples of our previous online conference presentations include

Some examples of our 2019 live conference series include


We use a program called LiveStorm to run the conference broadcasting pre-recorded presentations and then bringing in our speakers for live Q&A with an engaged audience online. We will find a time that suits best to pre-record the presentation with yourself and then record webinar style, more information on this will be provided (it’s very straightforward!). The presentation should be no longer than 20 mins which will then allow for a scheduled 10 mins Q&A session following the broadcast. We recommend using slides for visual aids and to highlight key figures, facts and points (the less text the better!). We will ensure a broadcast time to suit over the two dates where a Q&A session will follow. If you’ve been invited for a panel session then there will be no need for slides, the event director will send the pre-seeded questions and then there will be questions from the audience throughout.

See examples above to see how presentations look & feel!


The event director will work with you on this and most likely have suggested some target areas, in general you’ve been approached because your skillset and experience will be relevant for the agenda and the conversations wanting to be achieved from the event. We are also open to suggestion, if you’ve been working on something relevant that you’d like to share like a case study then this will be a great addition.


Upon confirming to speak at the event we will be promoting your talk across all our social channels, our newsletter and event communications. We are happy to share any further information that you’d like. Event ‘speaking social cards’ for Twitter, LinkedIn etc will be provided from our creative team – we will share these again on our social channels and you’ll be able to do the same if you please. We are happy to work with you on increasing presence and building your own personal and business brand.

next steps

We’d love to confirm you as a speaker for the event. If you are indeed interested and available over the dates then let us know. We will schedule in some time to discuss content, organise a time that works for a pre-record and ensure Q&A works for you on the day!

Of course, any questions, just let us know.

Contact Chris Towers on chris@roar-media.co.uk

Check out our dedicated event series Twitter page @Roar_Digital