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[WATCH] Speaker Snapshot for The Digital Workforce Innovation Conference: Alex Lancee, Chrome Enterprise Lead, Benelux

Alex Lancee has been announced as keynote for The Digital Workforce Innovation Conference taking place September 10, 2020. Alex is Chrome Enterprise Lead, Benelux, helping businesses to keep moving on devices that start fast and stay fast over time. You can register for the event here.

Watch the video below to find out more on Alex’s talk.

What will you be talking about within your keynote presentation? I will be talking about how Chrome Enterprise empowers workers to be productive working from home while keeping devices secure and allowing IT to manage devices remotely.

The importance of this topic right now: This is a key topic right now as IT leaders face the challenge of enabling their remote workers quickly, and more than ever need to consider keeping them productive and safe.

Why should you attend? Any company who has recently evolved into a remote working environment, needs to consider the ability of their digital workplace to maintain connectivity through remote working and how to keep their company, client and employee data secure. If you have recently moved to remote working or are evaluating the success and security of your digital workplace this is a great talk to attend. Hope to connect with you there!

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