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[ARTICLE] Speaker Snapshots for The Digital Transformation Conference: Janka & Rachel, Microsoft

As part of our Digital Transformation Conference, taking place online on Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th September. Janka Koen, Senior Human Experience Designer at Microsoft & Rachel Yehezke, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft will discuss how Driving Innovation through Digital Innovation to unleash the true potential within your organisation.

Covid-19 has suddenly thrust organisations into the world of distributed engineering, which is a great opportunity for global engagement. Expanding knowledge internally for the benefit of the organisation, tapping into skillsets in new ways and expanding the cultural inclusion and understanding. Establishing a truly global company through connectivity and communication.

Utilising these diverse teams and mindsets can help achieve improved ideation & increased innovation as better results stem from homogeneous groups. For companies to be successful it is necessary to not only bring together key global players but also create an environment & digital workplace for all employees to contribute meaningfully.

Setting up a global team with cultural inclusions can be complex and take time, it is then vital to create bridges of communications between teams across the world, having online space for seamless collaboration. The achievement of this can significantly improve all projects, products and strategies; having a simultaneous positive impact on customer experience and employee engagement.

The digital workplace has recently become the heart of organisations, with the rise in remote working there needs to be a system for location agnostic secure access to data, collaboration, communication and idea sharing. This has enabled connectivity of teams across the world who are able to work together on common objectives or learn from the processes of other teams.

Empathy for global teams is also a requirement to understand members of the team and cultural differences as well as various localised customer behaviours. This broadening of ideation and collaboration creates a more innovative environment which can unlock the potential to rapidly adapt products, re-align strategy and create consistent experiences globally. Ensuring best practices and company philosophy are implemented throughout.

The talk between two leading women in tech will take place from 12:00-12:30 on Thursday 17th September, they will discuss the steps to develop a global team and the cultural considerations in participating within teams in addition to why right now this is one of the most crucial elements within the continued development and prosperity of an organisation.

You can register for free here.

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