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[ARTICLE] Digital Transformation News – January Roundup

Sam Button, Head of Growth, Roar Media

Last month we hosted our 7th Online Digital Transformation Conference, focussing on Asia & Australasia, through the event our speakers explored several key themes of enterprise innovation during 2020 and how technology has enabled management of a distributed workforce and a cohesive, collaborative environment to ensure employee experience is maintained and both workforce & customers are supported.

The digital transformation conference featured presentations, interviews and panel sessions with speakers from Deutsche Bank, AIA, Optus, Facebook, News Corp, UPS & Tonik Bank. All of which will be posted in full on Beyond Business Buzzwords over the next month.

Choosing the Right Technology for Service Excellence

Throughout the event our speakers explored how digital transformation has been vital to react to the pandemic. The main hurdles to overcome for almost all organisations were maintaining a cohesive working environment and continuing to serve customers through a distributed workforce, with changing consumer needs & behaviours. Assessing and deciding on the perfect digital toolset and infrastructure can be difficult. It is important to remain employee centric when planning to enhance your digital workplace, asking your people if there are any challenges they are facing and how processes could be improved. This will enable you to decide on the correct implementations which you can experiment and test with staff, adjusting with feedback.

Focus on Your People

Whilst choosing the correct technology to innovate your business can be tricky, the implementation of these technologies is even more challenging. The Daggerwing Group hosted a session on getting digital transformation right the first time, which is all about the people. They shared some useful insights and tips on how to get people onboard with change & innovation, how to allay fears and how to help leaders educate and evolve themselves and their teams.

See the presentation here

Embracing Change with Digital Agility

The speed of change in 2020 has been rapid, most of our speakers discussed changes which required almost overnight implementations. This was only enabled through technology but was successful due to agile methodologies and a digital first culture instilled throughout the entire workforce. With employees seeing benefits from digital transformation throughout the pandemic and realising that digital tools enabled their productivity and efficiency to remain constant, entire workforces will be much more accepting and excited for innovation through technology.

What 2021 Holds for Enterprise Digital Transformation

The pandemic was a forced change across the entire workforce, the adoption of remote working looks set to stay and there will be a focus on refining the strategy of a distributed workforce and the inclusion of hybrid working. Security is likely to be a major focus for businesses who have adopted their digital workplace through necessity, employees are on unsecure networks and usually working on hardware which is not centrally managed by IT which could lead to attacks & threats on company & customer data.

Championing digital experiences for customers will be the best way to ensure loyalty from customers for a long time after the pandemic. This should be a constant evolution and can be significantly aided by both technology and the mindset of your workforce. The key to business success in 2021 will be working actively in the interests of both your customers and your workforce to harness the power of technology to provide services and products in the new normal and beyond.

Building a Digital First Business

We were fortunate enough to hear from Arivuvel Ramu, Chief Technology Officer at Tonik Bank who spoke about how technology powered the first neo-bank in Asia as well as Radha Amalraj, Head of Business Partnerships at Facebook who shared her insights on how companies can be built on digital. Both discussed how being a digital native company gives consumers what they want through a largely self-service platform and how building on digital enables seamless innovation and transformation through new technologies.

You can view Radha Amalraj’s interview in full here

All presentations will be made available OnDemand through the video section of Beyond Business Buzzwords

If you are interested in joining one of our virtual summits live, The Digital Transformation Conference Online Series will return on January 28th the first of 3 events focused on Europe, UK & North America.

The Digital Transformation Conference | Europe | January 28

The Digital Transformation Conference | North America | February 25

The Digital Transformation Conference | UK | March 4

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