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[ARTICLE] The European Digital Transformation Conference Online – Event Preview for January

Sam Button, Head of Growth, Roar Media

The Digital Transformation Conference Online Series returns on European time, later this month, on Thursday 28th January for our first event of 2021 which we are honoured to present in partnership with Google Chrome Enterprise. The event will focus on key topics which are the most crucial to digital innovation right now. Including Digital Leadership, Remote Tools, Digital Workplace, The Future of Work & Maintaining a Secure Remote Workplace.

We are delighted to welcome 10 expert speakers to the event, who will be sharing insights into strategic improvements enabling their organisations to increase productivity whilst maintaining collaboration within a distributed remote workforce. Last year was extremely challenging for the majority of businesses around the world, with technology being a major cornerstone to evoking drive, positivity and enablement within a strange new world of work.

The event will cover both the technological advancements which can seamlessly increase efficiency & collective responsibility within a remote workforce, in addition to the focus required for teams to be effectively led, inspired and supported. Covering a wide range of challenges including hardware (Selection & distribution), security, communication, leadership, new starters and creating an environment sustainable for remote or hybrid working.  

Beyond ‘Workplace’: Thriving in a Boundless World of Cloud Workforce

With the dramatic increase in distributed workforces & the growing adoption of cloud applications, companies face unprecedented levels of IP, data & identity sprawl beyond the enterprise firewall. Every endpoint is an entry into your business, cyber criminals have more ways to break in than ever before and human error on the inside is a constant risk.

Our opening keynote presentation will be delivered by Michael Wheeler-Wyatt, Head of Chrome Enterprise EMEA at Google. Historically, user experience has been a zero-sum game – with odds inevitably stacked against IT, Michael will introduce the innovations Chrome Enterprise have been able to implement throughout their hardware to enable a secure cloud-based workforce with security embedded throughout every application, cloud native or otherwise.

Chrome OS provides the opportunity to not just protect devices, but also control the security of them through remote management with constant updates in the background and not interrupting end users. Michael’s keynote will explore how Chrome OS & Chrome Browser are secure by design – embedding security into every workflow to provide proactive protection for users, devices, applications and data, wherever work happens. This is cloud-first security control in the hands of the modern businesses that will thrive moving forward.

Delivering Successful End User Experiences Internally

2020 was a huge year for the employee, putting the power back in the hands of the workforce and asking to be truly appreciated, has led to a remarkable influx of internal digital innovation projects aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and happiness within the workforce. Darryl Isip, Director of Digitalization at Credit Suisse will talk through his experiences last year from the implementations already in place to proactively working with user centric design to enhance the working environment of employees.

Research led design for the sole benefit of employees has been harnessed to innovate the digital workplace to truly harness the capabilities of technology and the workforce. Many companies were forced to switch to remote working last year, now is a great time to evaluate your digital workplace and seek areas to improve to enhance both employee engagement and customer experience.

Orchestrating a Productive & Future Proof Digital Workforce

Whilst we are not able to host in-person events, panel sessions have offered a crucial way to simulate the element of togetherness and peer learning. Companies from all industries were facing similar challenges due to the pandemic, conversation between digital executives leads to a breeding ground of ideas when facing common obstacles. As part of the event we are delighted to host a panel session consisting of Head of Communications & Digital Workplace at Umicore, Director of Engineering Operations at Delivery Hero and Global Director, Digital Workplace Services at Mondelez International.

The discussion will centre around the strategy set out to enhance digital workplace capabilities & enable an efficient & productive workforce sustained by technology and infrastructure to champion customer service whilst working remotely. We will cover initial challenges, providing provisions for new starters and future proofing the sustainability of the digital workplace with added security and implementation of hardware & services. As well as employee centric design & innovations which enable all employees to work harmoniously within a distributed or hybrid workforce.

Legacy vs Cloud

For years’ it has been reiterated that the future is in cloud computing. Cloud transformations have intensified for many due to the requirement for remote working, however, legacy applications remain the cornerstone of some organisations. The correct technology and digital strategy should enable both to co-exist and interact within a distributed digital workplace which requires secure remote access and in some cases virtualisation. However, the question remains whether this is future proof or whether we need to find a sustainable approach to increase productivity and drive business capabilities forward.

Challenge the Rules of Security: Turning Threat Protection into Security Control

The rapid move to a distributed workforce was enabled by technology but also required technologists to rapidly implement systems and capabilities. This was focussed on as a needs-must but likely exposed security and assurance threats. Employee, business and customer data has become increasingly vulnerable and this needs to be addressed by many companies in 2021 and beyond.

IT Managers have to be able to remotely protect the enterprise from outside threats, this can be aided by pre-built protocols within cloud profiles, hardware & applications but also needs real time detection of emerging threats with updates required daily. The implementation of updated security protocols is necessary on a daily basis and can only be achieved effectively through central management.

Chrome Enterprise & Chrome OS provide the option to manage each profile & device remotely with the ability to change permissions, lock machines and create new profiles, ensuring all your devices are safe and login to your digital workplace is authenticated with the correct permissions per user. Additionally, Chrome OS utilises data collected from its enterprise users to constantly update their security and protect against new threats. These updates take place in the background, ensuring no lengthy security updates & 24/7 protection.

The Digital Transformation Conference operated 6 online events in 2020. If you are interested in viewing all the content from our presentations around the world, you can access all our 2020 content by signing up for our Digital Transformation European Conference

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