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[ARTICLE] The North American Online Digital Transformation Conference Preview: February 25, 2021

Chris Towers, Head of Events, Roar Media

The North American edition of the Online Digital Transformation Conference returns on February 25th and will welcome an array of digital talent tackling topics in and around digital innovation within the enterprise, from digital product management to exploring new and exciting trends. Traditionally the global series will have featured events across the world this quarter in London, New York, Singapore and Sydney but for now the series remains in a safe place and that is online!

Digital Leadership within the Pandemic

This years event will open with Tom Scotto, Senior Director, Enterprise Design System at CVS Health. Tom’s keynote presentation Transforming Data to Intelligence: Persuasive Communication & Leadership (Exacerbated by COVID-19) will focus on ways in which we can rethink and improve communication and leadership, also taking a look at the impact of the pandemic on how we operate and work.

Future Proofing the Enterprise

In the same session we will hear from Erick Barbour for our keynote fireside chat Future Proofing Business with Digital Transformation, Erick is Head of Strategy & Transformation for Samsung reporting to the office of the CEO so brings extensive high level thinking of the merits of enterprise digital thinking. The chat delivered interview style will look to dive deeper into aligning a new strategy beyond the pandemic and what that might take in a sense of digital transformation.

The Future of Decision Making

The events headline sponsor will also feature in the opening session with Pete Reilly, SVP & Co-Founder of AnswerRocket delivering a presentation on how you can turn insights into action and move away from a traditional analytics approach which is time consuming and labor intensive. We will hear all about RocketBots and what that can achieve within your business.

Accelerated Digital Innovation

The opening session of the day will wrap with a presentation from Paninya Masrangsan, Senior Flow Advisor, at TaskTop who will provide actionable insights on how to prove the ROI of transformation decisions with value stream management amongst accelerated digital innovation and emerging technologies.

Digital Product Management

After a short break we will be joined by Georgiana Mirea, a Digital Product Management Executive who has worked for Northwestern Mutual most recently and also American Express. This presentation with live Q&A will look to uncover the best practices and approach to digital product management drawing on Georgiana’s extensive experience within the field.

The 2% That Transforms

We are then joined by Tony Thijssen, Chief Design Officer and Dave Thibodeau, Director, Strategy & Customer Experience from Selekkt who will be asking the critical questions of the key drivers of success for digital transformation. Tony and Dave will share two key drivers in which they have found will determine whether your digital transformation succeeds or fails.

Innovating from Within

Before lunch we will be joined by Melissa Saw, Head of Marketing Procurement for Bayer for a fireside chat about internal innovation and how to win with digital transformation, an exciting interview style approach in which Melissa will share more on her experiences within Bayer and her approach to digital innovation, this session will also be open to audience questions.

The New Face & Personality of your Business

A short break for lunch will precede another presentation from Tyler Lessard, Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard who will explore the new world of online video and what it means for how we share our stories, educate prospects, and build memorable brands in the digital age. See how other businesses are adopting a video-first approach to inbound and content marketing, digital marketing, brand development and sales engagement.

Looking Ahead

The day will finish with a panel session welcoming three digital business leaders exploring the future of digital transformation and what trends we can expect to play out for the remainder of this year and beyond the pandemic. We will see how businesses are future proofing their practices, continuing to pivot because of the pandemic and how they see reorganisation and a change in business models playing out. An exciting discussion will close out the event packed full of insights from proven business leaders.


It’s completely free to register for the online event and you can do so here as well as finding out further details on the agenda and speakers.

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