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[ARTICLE] Digital Transformation: Unlocking Your Productive Potential

Digital innovation within HR has been a necessary key transformation for several years, transitioning to new ways of working through technology, in order to reduce complexity by getting the right tools & systems in place for smoother interactions, enhanced employee engagement, and championing workforce management. 

Digital Transformation 

The pandemic had a massive impact on all of our lives both personally and professionally, to many it was a great example of how our work environment can change dramatically within a very short space of time. However, despite the working world turning on its head for some, many companies have been looking for ways to work efficiently and securely within a distributed workforce for years. A long time before the pandemic, all businesses around the world have been forced to incorporate technology into the design of their workflow, core systems & processes. Digital Transformation is nothing new, only accelerated due to the increased demand for services both internally & through digital delivery. Change is a constant, the only factor affected by ourselves or the environment is the pace of change. 

Everchanging Environment

Information Technology was built primarily for business & has been an inclusion in companies for the past 6+ years. Throughout that time, innovation and the invention of new technologies have led to the workplace being unrecognizable from before. We have been fortunate enough to have technology in place for a rapid move to remote working when needed but this has also placed further strain on several internal systems & managers. Almost universally for companies, innovation is baked into the culture and as an impact of the pandemic both from the top-down and bottom-up there is a huge desire for new technologies & capabilities to be delivered fast. 

Demand for improved communication, collaboration & efficiency tools has never been higher. Across all industries and departments, there is technology needed to increase their productivity & efficiency. Digital leaders have a huge job on their hands to provide the right technology to unlock productive potential & ensure this is suitable for the future of work. 

Productive Potential 

Despite the rise in technology increasing business performance & efficiency, it is vital to remember the most important resource you have are your employees; people are the single biggest influencer on the success of any business. As a business, we must do whatever we can to cultivate an environment that supports personal & team development and it can be argued that HR managers are the real heroes of any company. The role of HR managers is critical, they recruit the employees, develop them professionally, ensure they are engaged, happy and represent the company in the right manner and make sure they get paid at the end of the month. Therefore, if you are looking to unlock the true potential of your business, HR is the best place to start & now is a great time to invest in digitizing your workflow to free up time for your team to complete value-adding tasks. 

HR Transformation 

Unlocking productive potential within HR may require incremental technology adaptations to ensure incremental improvements on legacy systems but in order to truly harness the power of technology; a complete overhaul is sometimes required to deploy & benefit from emerging technologies like automation & predictive analytics. Companies need a solid foundation for their core processes but HR can’t be strategic until it excels at operations and allows for efficient & productive enablement of workforce on a daily basis. 

Digitalizing all processes increases productivity & lows costs due to time saved, transforming your HR practices using technology allows you to analyze human capital, progress, retention & recruitment. Giving you the opportunity to optimize your human capital & processes to develop & retain top talent. Agile HR supports your unique business requirements & adapts as your business changes, delivering value fast as the company transforms. Championing this core system future proofs your business & HR function. 

The Online Session, June 23

With the huge impact software & emerging technologies can have on Human Resources, we have dedicated a conference to cover key topics relating to the future of workforce engagement, digital leadership & HR transformation. In partnership with Personio we are delighted to be bridging an intensive & engaging, 2-hour deep dive session into digital transformation to unlock the productive potential within your workforce. Featuring interactive keynote sessions, an expert panel & a fireside chat, we will bring together an audience of senior executives across Europe to inspire, network & collaborate on what the future could look like for HR & the digital workforce empowered by technology. 

The event is free to register & will take place online from 10 am – Noon CET.

You can register here.


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